Sharder Protocol


    Sharder Protocol
    • Data Security

      Offline encryption on client terminals, spontaneous data sharding, distributed storage, redundant copies.

      Credential Model

      The initiative Sharder-UTXO and Sharder-Keypair models ensure that data could not be accessed without credentials. Absolute ownership and privacy is guaranteed.
    • Decentralization

      Limitless expandability, permanent storage, online 24/7. In real time, the Watchers synchronize the ful network data objects, dynamically adjust the data distribution, reduce redundant copies, increase space utilization, and guaranteed 99.9% security and availability.

      Sharder Miner Machine

      No more arms race, no more “first-comers-take-all,” Sharder subscribers are welcome to get a Sharder Hub and start earning mining rewards or get a Sharder Box and earn multifold rewards (mining, storage, watcher).
    • Ownership and Privacy

      Subscribers are able to share their idle storage space to Sharder Network for financial rewards. It's a transparent, open-source, peer-to-peer free market without any monopoly, and the price is decided by the market supply and demand. The cross-chain architecture ensures that Sharder Chain is limitlessly expandable to any other public chains and the internet.

    Sharder Protocol Sharder Protocol

    A cross-chain distributed storage protocol based on blockchain 3.0. It could be deployed on all public chains, storage networks and personal nodes. Sharder Protocol's initiative cross-chain architecture, watcher & prover roles, and the Sharder-UTXO & Sharder Keypair optimizes action functions, verifications, consensus, credential mechanisms, contribution quantification, encryption technology, data sharding, file systems, smart contracts, and etc. The security, availability, and elasticity of the network is greatly improved through Sharder Protocol.

    Sharder Pool Sharder Pool

    A small network comprises of many nodes that deploy Sharder Protocol (Analogous to the mine pools in Bitcoin network). Any public chain or storage network will make a Sharder Pool if it deploys Sharder Protocol. Sharder Pools could communicate and trade with one another based on Sharder Protocol’s cross-chain architecture.

    Sharder Chain Sharder Chain

    The very first public chain that deploys Sharder Protocol, i.e. Sharder-Pool0, which works as the cornerstone of the Sharder Network. All functions of Sharder Protocol will be tested and implemented in Sharder Chain first. As a commercial public chain, Sharder Chain also has functions including: a user-friendly accounts model, digital assets, guaranteed trade, tailor-made APIs, operating support system, etc.

    Sharder Network Sharder Network

    All Sharder Pools will eventually form the distributed Sharder Network. Besides being a high quality and inexpensive storage service, Sharder Network could also house countless DApps such as Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain, and One Fair. Based on the cross-chain sharing ecosystem, Sharder Network will radically change the way people exchange data.

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    • Bean Cloud / Bean Cloud

      A data storage, certification, and security platform that services P2P finance, microfinance, consumer finance, e-commerce, ERP, etc. Bean Cloud stores data such as e-contracts, payment vouchers, and investment records in the Sharder Network and provides security and legal certificates based on blockchain's traceability and inalterability features.

    • Sharder Matrix / Sharder Matrix

      The application that stores an individual's personal data such as biological data (including DNA information, growth log, medical records) and even thoughts and memories. As data accumulates, the personal Sharder Matrix will gradually take shape.

    • Sharder Brain / Sharder Brain

      The intelligent data service for individuals and enterprises. Along with the development of AI, smart devices, IoT, and unsupervised learning, Sharder Brain could serve in data security, data distribution adjustment, data analysis, data search, data alert (such as data security alert, vital sign alert), etc.

    • One Fair / One Fair

      The transparent, open-source, peer-to-peer free market based on Sharder Chain and Sharder Protocol. Tradable items include: storage space, digital assets, verified data, valuable information, etc. For instance, one could sell his/her own biological data to medical or research institutes. We believe that data will devalue like cash and One Fair will make it possible for your data to circulate efficiently on the market.

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    Road Map
      • Conch Chain R&D

      • Bean Cloud

        Blockchain proof and notary

        Sharder White Paper

        Cross-chain storage protocol, multiple-chain architecture, credit model
      • Sharder Chain

        Realization of Sharder protocol, data sharding, full-nodes client terminal

        Bean Cloud Beta

        100 businesses connected, Born Cloud connected
      • Light Client

        Mobile wallet, web light wallet, token exchange

        Multi-chain Mining

        Deploy Sharder Protocol on Conch network and Qtum Blockchain and private cloud
      • Conch Chain Kick-off

        Conch Chain White Paper

      • Conch Community

        QQ group, official website, Wechat

        Conch Testing Network

        CPOS consensus mining, multiple-terminal client, conch points
      • Sharder Public Chain R&D

        Open source on Github

        Bean Cloud Alpha

        10 e-commerces and fintech platforms attended test


        Chinese and English communities, city partners, prize tasks, community airdrop
      • Watcher and Proofer

        Data distribution adjustment, data indexing service, credit model

        Sharder Hub

        WRTnode micro miner, storage client terminal

        Smart Contract

        Turing-complete smart contract, guaranteed exchange model, virtual machine
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